Raise Your Glass Ceiling Workshop: Uncover and Release Self Limiting Beliefs

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Have you ever felt stuck, paralyzed or just like you are your own worst enemy?? Do you set goals only to self sabotage and never see them through? Or have you invested in yourself many times only to continue to hit more roadblocks and feel frustrated that your work is not paying off?  

You are NOT alone, I promise. We all get stuck and we all stand in our own way because of the limiting beliefs we have deep within our subconscious. We don’t even know they exist or know what they are until we put some real work into uncovering and letting them go!  

A limiting belief is a belief that is deep within your subconscious that is holding you back from achieving the things we want to achieve in life.


  1. a better understanding of how to observe your language and self-limiting beliefs
  2. a list of beliefs and experiences (specific to you) that are holding you back
  3. a set of tools that will help you continue the journey to uncovering and releasing these beliefs
  4. more clarity on the process of personal growth and healing