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PLEASE READ: The following are the rules for our FB community.

TRYbe Marketing is a club for network marketers who want a more automated lead generation funnel to build their business. This training WILL set you apart as an influencer and allow you to attract moe builders onto your team!!

-> Don’t Spam
-> Don’t Sell
-> Don’t Be Rude
-> Do Support
-> Do Show Up
-> Do Be Nice
-> Do Ask Questions

When you ask questions, be as specific as possible. Don’t take offense to my answer if it is direct – I will always be straight with you.

Questions need to be posted on the appropriate thread. In efforts to keep this group clean and easy to navigate, I have to turn off posting permissions! So post questions/comments/successes on the appropriate post!

I am BIG on boundaries. So I will be in the group 3 times a week for at least an hour, dedicated to answering questions and giving feedback. Tagging me will not get you an immediate response, I don’t work like that. When I get in the group, all questions will be answered!! <3

Feedback for funnels and emails: I will have specific posts for feedback that also have deadlines in order to create urgency for you to get serious about getting the work done! Please use those posts if you are seeking feedback on a lead page or an email!

3 LIVE Q+A Calls will be announced in the coming weeks!

ALL TRAINING VIDEOS: housed on Sarah Try Academy (STA).
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